FAQs – Andreia Brazier


What makes the Andreia’s Fitness Program different from all the other Fitness eBooks out there?

Andreia’s Programs not only will help you tone , shape and transform your body. It will also help you understand what works for you and learn how your body works.

If I Lift Weights, Will I Get Bigger Muscles and become manly?

NO , Lifting Weights Will Strengthen Your Joins , Improve Your Posture, Help You Stand Taller, Look , Feel Younger and Stronger.

Will Andreia’s program work for me?

Andreia’s programs are suitable for all Fitness Levels from Beginners to Advance as they are based on her 25 years of experience and will help you better your best.Makes sure to read the program descriptions to know which program you should start with.

Are Andreia’s programs suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes ! All you have to do is reaplace the Protien intakes that animal based in your program with Proteins that are vegetarian based. Also Andreia will be sending you a Bounce Of Vegetarian Meal Plans and Carbcycling Plan to give you variations as her meal plans are lifestyle meal plans.