The 8 Amazing Things That Happen When You Stick To Your 90–Day Workout Plan

andreia brazier

There are a lot of reasons to get started on your 90-day workout plan. These are my favorite 8 things that happen when you stick to your plan. These are the things that people report back to me, and what science shows in research studies.

1. Reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

This is where the science kicks in! Beginning a regular exercise program 2 to 5 days per week has been proven to reduce the risk of developing numerous health conditions. Reducing high blood pressure and the risk of developing type-2 diabetes are amongst the most common. This also means reducing your risk of developing problems later in life, including obesity and heart problems.

2. You start to lose excess weight.

After a 90 day-workout program you will quickly notice the pounds lost in your waist, thighs and possibly around your chest as well. This is the kind of weight that a person loses and actually keeps off because your metabolism speeds up with resistance training. Your body will learn to shed unnecessary extra weight and to stop gaining weight as it burns extra energy each day during exercise.

3. You start to improve levels of energy.

A huge benefit noticed by women who don’t seem to have the energy their younger selves had is the level of daily energy. Do you normally crash by 9pm? Feel yourself losing energy by mid-afternoon? A regular exercise routine will dramatically increase the level of energy you have throughout the day! This is thanks to the increased oxygen entering the cells, carrying more nutrients in and toxins out.

4. Your sleep routine improves.

We all love a good sleep! Expect to see improved quality of your sleep at night. You will find that you are better able to enter deep sleep and stay asleep with fewer disruptions. This means a higher quality of sleep and feeling rested after a shorter length of sleep. This is due to two reasons. First, by fatiguing the muscles and aerobic system, requiring the body to work hard during sleep to recuperate and regenerate. Second, exercises helps to manage the stress hormones, making it easier to “rest-easy” and quiet the inner voice which tends to keep us up at night.

5. Your confidence improves.

People report feeling more confident at work and among their peers when they exercise regularly. I can certainly attest to this! Working out makes me feel strong and confident in my choices, and you will too! Feeling stronger and more in control of your body emanates to the people that surround you. You’ll stand a little taller and straighter, and why not? You have earned it!

6. Your skin clears up as you detoxify.

Also related to the way exercise effects hormones, you can expect to see an improvement in the quality of your hair and skin. Many people report more clear and a glowing skin type. Your body detoxifies through sweat, reducing pimples and blackheads.