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8 Week GYM Program

8 Week GYM Program

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Intermedia to advanced

  • Gym Required.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • One Time Payment With Life Time Access.
  • Works On All Smart Devices.
  • Full Support and Adjustments Included. (exercises and meals modified according to your needs).
  • Much more...
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Complete Gym Workout & Nutritional GuideDo you know exactly what to do inside the Gym? Did you know that you have complete control of which muscle to target in your body?

The 8 week Gym Training Program is for everyone who wants to learn the best exercises that can be done in the Gym for the BEST Results! You can simply buy this Program and never look for a personal trainer again! Andreia has combined unique exercises with the proper sets and reps to keep you leaner, healthier, and stronger from the inside out as a lifestyle!

              Get this Program and have Andreia as your Personal Trainer!


What’s Included In The Workout:

  • Suitable for beginners all the way advanced.
  • Gym required.
  • Workout video tutorials , Progressive & complete Workouts to lose fats, tone & shape your entire body.
  • Weekly workout frequency reps & sets schedule for beginners, intermediates and advanced.
  • Stretch video tutorials guidelines to prevent injury.
  • Exercise workout variations that will keep your metabolism speed up throughout the day and night.
  • Compatible with all devices and smartphones.

What’s Included In The Nutritional Section:

  • Fat Loss Menu's , with vegetarian & non-vegetarian Meal Options.
  • Packed with Recipe Video Tutorials.
  • Video Tutorials with all you need to know for your meal preparation, food variations, sauces, how to order on day-outs or holidays.
    • Supplement plan to boost energy, focus, results and recovery.

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